Hakone Open Air Museum is located in the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, surrounded by hot springs and mountains. They needed a refresh on their visual identity to appeal to both international and local tourists in a competitive tourist hot spot.
The challenge
The museum had a lot to offer for both art lovers and nature lovers. It needed a new visual identity that showcased its’ unique perspective of the national park and pioneering art collection.
Seasonal nature and art
The Japanese poets recorded 72 micro-seasons in a year. They noted seasonal changes such as worms emerging from soil and the first snow. Using this concept I created a visual identity that celebrated the museum’s ability to experience the micro-seasons through their outdoor sculpture park. Taking inspiration from minimal sculpture I re-named the museum 72 Hakone Sculpture Park and designed a sculptural logo. I added softness to the brand by painting Japanese brush style images that referenced the resident koi carp, birds and winds.
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