The Wren Project is a charity that provides listening services for people newly diagnosed with autoimmune disease. They provide a non judgemental space for their service users (called ‘Wrens’) to be heard and supported as they process their diagnosis and adjust to a new way of life.
The challenge
The Wren Project wanted illustrations and colour added to their existing brand. They wanted the style to match their Wren bird logo and speak to their community of Wrens.​​​​​​​
We provide a safe habitat for our Wrens
I used images from the Wren’s natural habitat of forests and meadows to represent the safe non-judgemental space provided by the charity. I created an illustration showing two Wren birds talking to each other to show that the charity is a the listening service for a community of Wrens.
“Kharis is an excellent designer who was so enjoyable to work with. She brought energy, creativity, and excellent ideas to all of our meetings, was extremely organised in setting out the timeline of her work, created several on point designs for our consideration, met deadlines perfectly, and communicated clearly. I was so impressed by the quality of her work, as well as her professionalism and expertise. The Wren Project would absolutely love to work with Kharis again in the future.”

—Alice, Community Director at The Wren Project
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