Iyengar Yoga House was started by Lara and Roy over lockdown. They moved into an old antiques shop and built their own yoga studio, living upstairs and teaching downstairs. They wanted a website to show what classes they offered, educate people on Iyengar Yoga, share their latest news, and contact details for booking a class. I collaborated with Lara and Roy to identify their business needs and user needs. Based on this information I designed them a website to address all users.
Business and user needs
I had several conversations with Lara and Roy to help them to identify their business and user needs. We discussed their values, why they do what they do, who they do it for and what they hoped their students gained from their classes. Through this process, we identified two clear user groups.
User A (local newbies):
User A are new local students, who know nothing about Iyengar Yoga, who might have lots of injuries/pain/stiffness, who feel ‘fashion’ yoga is not for them, who are interested in yoga but have not tried it, feel intimidated.
User B (existing students):
User B are their existing students who want to know the timetable, book classes and stay up to date on the latest news.
The business:

They wanted to attract new local students, keep current students informed, to communicate their caring and attentive teaching style inclusive of all abilities. Including their values of sharing, practice and the passing on the tradition of Iyengar Yoga.
Taking this information, I addressed it in my design in the following ways:
User A (local newbies):

- Clear information immediately on the landing page on what Iyengar Yoga is, who it is for and where they are located.
- Easy to find the timetable and contact details to book a class.
User B (existing students):
- Easy to find the timetable and contact details to book a class
- Easy to find information on weekend workshops on the newsletter page.
The business:

- Clear, simple, easy to navigate design.
- Showcase the induction course the promote a proper foundation in understanding the yoga technique.
- Wants dialogue before new students book a class so only able to book classes via  phone or email.
- Included information about Iyengar Yoga on every page.
User A journey: booking an induction course
(local newbies)
User B journey: booking a class
(existing students)
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